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Tempus Fugit, or translated Time Flies, is an exhibition of graffiti art exhibiting mechanical actions. Essential see for anyone in Geneva who likes mechanical replica watches, and that i guess within a metropolis like Geneva that may be several people. 
Magaldi Xavier continues to be a graffiti artist since the early 90s. In addition to that he is a replica watchmaker. In his operate he brings together these two 'metiers' making a one of a kind check out on mechanical actions. His exhibition termed Tempus Fugit might be seen in in the Cite du Temps in Geneva until April 29th .
A little something regarding the artist
 Xavier Magaldi was born in Geneva in 1975. He clocked up his very first experiments with spray-paint in 1989 replica james bond omega . After qualifying as a replica watchmaker through the Ecole d'horlogerie de Geneve in 2000, he turned his notice to digital graphics and publishing. This wealth of diverse encounter brought about Xavier Magaldi concentrating on fusing the crafts he now mastered. gold watches He makes use of a variety of techniques originating from road artwork to integrate factors such as tourbillons and perpetual calendars. The artist attracts parallels between avenue art and horology by way of a comparison from the exact regulation with the spray can with that of the view. He also derives seen resourceful dynamism from your juxtaposition of your meticulous artwork of replica watchmaking with the environment of graffiti, which frequently dances provocatively on the borders of legality. The brand new era of Xavier Magaldi's get the job done is termed Post-Graffiti and expresses the artist's vision of artwork, for the similar time present day and regular.
The painting beneath is referred to as Tourbillon and Xavier Magaldi also made additional artworks with names like Quantieme Perpetuel (perpetual calendar), Chronographe or Repetition Minute (moment repeater).  If you're not while in the position to go to the exhibition, than look at out his web-site here.
Painting exhibition Tempus Fugit
March 28 to April 29, 2012
The city of your time Gallery (Deck Machine) - Geneva
From 9am to 18pm each day (no cost admission)

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